QR-Code - Heart & Power Marketing, Virginia Beach, VAHave you seen those funny looking boxes with strange configurations in them that are showing up all over the place?

The picture you see here is called a QR-Code, short for Quick  Response, also called a mobile barcode. It can be read by any smart phone just by holding it up in front of the code. It will then go right to a mobile-optimized page with a message or offer for the reader.

There are increasing uses for this 2-D barcode. It can be a map that shows the business location and is linked to GPS and online mapping services that can give you directions from where you are to their door.

Some businesses have a big QR-Code sign posted in their window for passersby to read a special message from them, usually enticing them to come in. But it can also lead them to their mobile website for more details, where they could get discounts or coupons, find opening hours, press one button to call, get detailed product information,  or even sign up for email & text communications.

Here’s a fun and practical idea for you! Just have your own QR-code made up with your contact information and it can be sent via email through the cellphone to someone. This way it becomes a smart paperless business card that is ready to add instantly to their database of stored contacts. They’ll love you for it, and you’re sure they won’t lose your paper business card.

In fact, the QR-Code above is a map to my office! If you are interested in talking about some special QR-Code uses for growing your business, just contact us for lots of great ideas along with quick and easy implementation. You could be up and running with your codes in 24 hours or less!