With 4mobile phone screen.1 billion cell phones in use around the world, that’s double the internet users and more than the number of any other electronic device in history including email (source: guardian.co.uk).

That said, the future of mobile as a primary marketing tool is massive. Through quick messaging, texts & QR-codes, Bluetooth and GPS capabilities, mobile users have a walking office & communication system in their hands practically 24 hours a day. As they surf the net, use maps, get coupons, and review offers, consumers can even order products, services or make reservations on their mobile device. Buying decisions are being made constantly.

Are you getting your piece of the mobile pie?

If you have not yet considered optimizing your site for mobile users or getting a special mobile website (.mobi instead of .com), you may be hurting your sales. The problem cell users have is that the website is so large it won’t fit properly in their screen, so they have to scroll back & forth, up & down, and take a lot longer searching for what they want. Usually they’re in a hurry to find the information – they could be outdoors, in a car, a restaurant or shop, or walking down the street. And they are generally searching on their mobile for a place they want to go or something they want to buy immediately or in the very near term. Or they may be referring a friend to information on your site.

When your beautiful images and flash videos come up that look great on the internet, they make the mobile user wait or don’t show up at all, thus causing them to look elsewhere in frustration.

Convenience and speed are a cell’s best friend!

Make sure your site not only appears in a mobile format and loads instantly, but has easy buttons for them to click for a map & directions and give them a “Call Now” button for one click calling. You can even make it easy for them to sign up with their email for future conversations with them.

How do you know if your website measures up to easy reading by mobile moguls? View a simulated result online at :  iPhone Tester It looks like the real phone and can even rotate to landscape!

If your site doesn’t pass the test, consider using some mobile optimization strategies to keep you from frustrating your potential customers or losing business. And just as you optimized your website for search engine rankings, be sure to optimize your .mobi site for mobile search engine listings, slightly different than normal SEO. Then be sure to have tracking in place to let you know the results.

So Go Mobile! Take action now to get your website mobilized and optimized, with tracking in place to increase your traffic and bottom line results. You’ll be so glad you did!

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