Here are some things you can do that won’t take long to get set up, but once up can really help you get noticed on Google. Most of them are free tools you can use to weave a strong presence for your business niche on the web.

1. Set up your Google Local Profile

Make sure you are on the local maps through Google Places. That way people looking for your products or services can find you whether they’re surfing the net or driving around. With the connections through GPS, they can even find you on their mobile phone or Blackberry!

2. Do your local keyword research and optimize your site

If you want to make it to the first page of Google where most people are looking for you, you’ll want to choose the best words or phrases your potential customers are using to find you online. Do some research with Google’s Keyword Analytics Tool to discover the most often and relevant search terms. You might also want to check out your competition to see what they’re using as well. Then pepper those words in a natural way throughout your text and in the title, tags, header and footer and even in the image and alt tags. But make sure you just focus on one main keyword per page. Otherwise, it could be self-defeating.

3. Capture email from visitors to your site and give them a reason to give it to you

At the top portion of every main page should be what’s called an opt-in form. That’s a place where you’re asking for the visitor’s name and email so you can keep in touch with them and send them future info and offers. By setting up an automatic email capture and response system, you have another marketing system working to bring business to you while you sleep! Make sure to offer them a special incentive that will give them solutions to the problems they’re looking for you to solve. It can be a free report or discount coupon, etc. they either download or will automatically be emailed to them upon sign up.

4. Create Videos to Boost Traffic

Google loves videos! You can set up your own channel on YouTube and upload them there at no charge. Short videos focused on a particular keyword with both text and audio using them in a natural way get great ratings. Embed the link from YouTube on your site on the appropriate page for best results. You can ask customers for testimonials, do a quick onsite video, talk about your latest offer, or give advice about a problem your business can solve. There are lots of free or low cost video programs you can use.

5. Connect through Social Networks

 Not only is it great to have a personal Facebook and Twitter page, but did you know you can build a group or fan page for your business? You can actually get others to “Like” you and spread the word to their friends about your business too! You can put up great information to position yourself as the expert in your business, as well as put occasional coupons and other offers or events on your page.

6. Start blogging for profits

You can set up a free blog at or and get linked in to the network of the blogosphere where people can find you when they’re looking for the information you provide. Google loves blogs, as the information on them usually is dynamic – changing often if you’re committed to keeping it updated. You can post articles you or others write, link to other articles, or find free articles to post on your topic from article directories. You can post videos, audios, and anything else that can drive traffic to your blog or back to your main website. 

Once you have a blog, you can start to build a network of referrals with automatic and viral links back to your site. In the next post, I’ll give you some ideas on some sites and tools to get you there quicker.

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