Did you know there are now four cell phones for every computer?!Texting with cell phone

If you are trying to reach your target audience through traditional methods, you can still have success. But why not look into letting technology work for you?

Consider this:

  • While the open rate for email may be 10-20%, a text message sent to a cell phone will be opened by 73% within the first hour, and up to 90% within 24 hours.
  • Text messaging can draw customers to your business that may not otherwise come in as frequently. Sending a text message for a special discount, event or offer during a slow period can bring in an instant flow of customers and their friends.
  • Mobile search engines are begging for mobile optimized sites to promote in your area. Getting your website mobile-ready and having a separate .mobi site for the convenience and speed desired by mobile customers can increase your customer base.
  • Proximity marketing through Bluetooth-enabled devices can detect and send permission-based messages to mobile devices near your business. Think about how this can automatically attract new customers to walk in or join your email list for future marketing.
  • QR-Codes can be used for marketing. As a 2-D barcode, they send information through smartphones, including maps, business information, discount coupons, and special offers or invitations. They can be used as a mobile business card and keep your business top of mind.

What technologies are you tapping into for more profits through the mobile trend?

Our marketing consultants will educate you & help you strategize & implement for quick marketing results. These tools are surprisingly quite affordable even for small businesses. They generally are profitable from the very first campaign! Call us now to get savvy and know your options. Don’t lose out on all the potential business walking by!

For a demonstration of how effective a texting campaign can be, visit my Mobile Helpers Demo page.