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Have a product or service you want to promote?

Use SEO techniques combined with a simple social media strategy that sets things on a viral path.

Here’s a case study to demonstrate the effectiveness of this

Dancing Pet Natural Pet Products wanted to launch their new brand and first product. Here’s what we did with links you can study for your own promotional ideas. (Just visit their website at: DancingPetNaturalProducts.com – it will link you to their social sites, blog, ecommerce site and product listing as well.)

  1. First we did an extensive Keyword Study to see what buying customers were searching for in order to find the product. We used some reverse engineering from other similar products to help us with this.
  2. We built content in various formats using focused keywords to drive traffic to them.
  3. Social media sites were set up to grow targeted interest audiences to connect with.
  4. We linked the content and different formats (blog posts, articles, video and social media posts) to each other in various ways.
  5. In essence, we allowed the natural and organic SEO engines to discover all the content and links – all rich in keywords we wanted to rank for, along with laser-focused targeted traffic – and spinning them out for us through their spiders.
  6. The icing on the cake was then linking to other sites who picked up the initial content and started linking, posting, and passing it on through social media and other information sites.

That’s when things begin to go viral! You build enough of your own backlinks with quality content, start getting picked up by other sites, then return the favor to them by blasting traffic back to them as you find them. There are some tools out there to help you do this more easily. No black hat stuff – use only smart URL boosting tools that augment what you’re doing. Before long you will have consistent and growing traffic to any promotion or website you want to bring visitors to!

Good luck – and don’t quit too soon. It does take a lot of time and effort to get the momentum going, but once it starts, watch out! 😉