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SEO or SEM – What’s the Difference?

Which way are the stairs going?

Are you coming or going?

In which direction are more of your opportunities?

Sometimes these can be puzzling questions to answer, especially in thinking about your best marketing strategies.

I wrote an article and put up a video on a demo site that addresses this question. Check it out here:

Once you know the distinctions, you can better use each for its intended purpose and achieve better results.

Mobile Marketing Helpers

Wondering how to expand your bottom line? Bringing your customers in more frequently and capturing buy-in from Money from Mobile Marketinginterested customers for your special offers can work wonders.

But how do you best go about this so it doesn’t become a time-consuming task? With the right system and a strategic plan, you can easily set up a system to drive your customer wheel automatically.

Wouldn’t it make sense for you to have an effective system to stay more high-touch with your customers & turn them into raving fans and marketing advocates for you?

One way to do this is with some tools and strategies we can help you learn about & implement quickly. For a short video that describes one of the ways you can accomplish this, visit:

Then contact us to see how we can get this working for your business success!